Try wearing a naughty cop costume this Halloween, and you’ll be stopping traffic at your costume party, or any other event you attend!

Police and other uniformed law enforcement officers are authority figures that command respect.  Wearing one of these naughty cop costumes will earn you respect from your fellow halloween party attendees.

Peace officers are often portrayed and characterized as stern, rugged and serious individuals.  Playing off of that Hot Sheriff Costume Pictureimage is what makes wearing a naughty cop costume so popular at Halloween, as well as for other ocassions.  These outfits are in such high demand that they can be found in costume stores in your local neighborhood, as well as through online wholesale and retail web sites too.  Designers being driven by the demand for these costumes, are continually refreshing their product offerings with new and exciting ideas each and every year.

Here are just a few of the many sexy cop  outfit examples that you can find out of the wide variety that are available right now:sexy swat costume photo

Sexy SWAT Costume – This is a great example of a naughty police officer costume!  Obviously anyone wearing this outfit looks like they are ready to bring bad guys to justice.  The shirt has the look of bullet proof articles worn by SWAT team members.  The black pants, belt and hat emblazened with “SWAT” fill out the main portions of the ensamble.  Finally, a pair of silver handcuffs bring it all together.  Just add the right shoes and maybe a pair of leather gloves, and you will look the part.

Naughty crime scene investigator – now we know that the first rule of CSI officers is not to disturb the scene of the Naughty Crime Scene Investigatorcrime, but this outfit will solve an even bigger mystery – who’s wearing the best hot cop costume – YOU!  This costume comes with a black mini-dress printed with crime scene tape, a CSI black long sleeved jacket, and a black CSI hat.  It also comes with magnifying glass to help search for clues.  Finally, the nice thing about this police costume is that it comes in a variety os sizes – from small to X-Large, and even plus sizes up to 3x/4x.  Just add your own boot and you will be ready to lock-up Halloween.Hot Cop Uniform

Hot Cop Costume – A sexy police outfit like this will definitely have bad guys ready to pull over and be arrested!  This naughty uniform comes with a knit stretchy dress with soft cups that have underwire support and removable push-up pads, a police hat, and of course it has a badge as well with the officers name “Sheila B. Trouble” on it.  Definitely an attention getter!  Add boots and sunglasses to complete the look.

For even more naughty cop costumes for every age, size, and ocassion, keep coming back here, as we will be continually adding new outfits that meet our high standards.

Police, constables, Sheriffs, border patrol, even mall cops have always been held in high esteem by adults and children alike.  By playing off of this respected position, it is obvious why so many people choose a naughty cop costume over other types that are available for them every year.

Have yourself a “Hot” Halloween!